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The relationship between aluminum plate price and aluminum plate smelting technology

Since aluminum plate out of the scientist's laboratory, since entering mass industrial production, the development of aluminium smelting technology has come a long way, from the pure aluminium to the alloy of different disciplines, in order to meet the requirements of various industries on the aluminum plate performance, scientists through continuous experiment, research out of the thousands of different properties of the aluminum plate, according to the chemical composition, divided into aluminum plate can be roughly divided into eight series, because different production technology, so each department aluminum price difference is very big.

There are only two ways to improve the performance of aluminum plate, one is to add other chemical elements, and the other is to adjust the smelting process, such as heating time, smelting temperature, calendering process, quenching and annealing method, etc.The higher the performance of the aluminum plate, the more advanced the smelting equipment, the more complex the process, the higher the price.

In  series 8 of aluminum plate, the cheapest price, should be series 1 of pure aluminum plate.Since no other chemical elements need to be added, 1-series aluminum plate is the simplest and cheapest production process.Of course, in terms of performance, series 1 aluminum plate is inferior to other series in performance.Among the alloy aluminum plates, the performance of series 3 aluminum plates is slightly higher than that of 1 series aluminum plates, which take manganese as the main alloy element.By adding manganese elements, the mechanical and chemical properties of aluminum plate have been significantly improved, especially the corrosion resistance.Due to the addition of other chemical elements, the smelting process of series 3 aluminum plate is more complicated than that of series 1 aluminum plate, and the price is also higher than that of series 1 aluminum plate.

Series 5 aluminum plate is the most commonly used aluminum plate in the automobile industry, the main alloy elements are aluminum and magnesium.Compared with 3-series aluminum plate, smelting aluminum-magnesium alloy requires higher requirements on equipment and production technology level. At present, only large aluminum materials with strong strength can be produced in China, so the price is naturally much higher than that of 3-series aluminum plate.