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Types and technical advantages of die aluminum plate

Generally, aluminum plates used for mold making are required to have hard material and high strength. There are 2 series, 7 series and 6 series of aluminum plates suitable for mold making. Currently, 6-series aluminum plates are common in the market.

Using aluminum plate to do the mold has the following advantages: 1, light weight.Due to its density is only 36% of the general mold steel, so the motion inertia is relatively low, in the production process, reduce the speed is relatively easy, can reduce the loss of the machine and mold.2. Easy machining and high dimensional stability.Its cutting speed is more than 6 times faster than ordinary die steel, so greatly reduce the mold processing time, so that the mold can be faster production.3. Excellent thermal conductivity.4. Good usability.5, easy to process, good wear resistance.6. Good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Most of the molds used now are cut and processed by aluminum plate. The former casting molds are gradually eliminated. The service life of the casting molds is short and the accuracy is not high.So now more and more mechanical parts choose aluminum plate to process.This processing is now aluminum plate industry later focus point.Ordinary aluminum plate processing, and then to create more profit.Because only single sales of aluminum plate can not adapt to the current competitive market.

Zhongwang aluminum industry focus on the aluminum industry for 15 years, in the mold aluminum cutting processing technology is very mature, and has the ability to independently develop and produce cutting sawing machine, cutting precision, high efficiency, can meet all customer processing requirements.At present, we can cut 6mm - 300mm thick aluminum plate.And the production cycle is short, timely delivery.Welcome to contact us.