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1060、3003、5052and6061The difference of decorative pattern aluminium plate

$decorative aluminum plate has many advantages, such as light weight, elegant appearance, long service life, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, recyclable and so on. Currently, it has become the most important kind of decorative plate.The main brands of decorative aluminum plate are 1060, 3003, 5052, 5083, 6061, etc. The differences between them are mainly as follows:

Aluminum plate with 1060 pattern

1060 decorative pattern aluminum plate belongs to pure aluminum plate, the production technology is simple and mature, the price is the most inexpensive one of the decorative pattern aluminum plate, corresponding, its hardness, strength is also lower, mainly used in buses, elevators and other anti-skid.

3003 decorative aluminum plate

3003 decorative aluminum plate belongs to aluminum manganese alloy plate, the hardness and strength are higher than pure aluminum plate.The most prominent feature of 3003 decorative aluminum plate is its excellent anti-rust performance. Because it can effectively resist the corrosion of water vapor, it is mostly used for cold storage floors.In terms of price, the price of 3003 decorative aluminum plate is higher than 1060 aluminum plate.

Aluminum plate with 5052 pattern

Aluminum plate 5052 and 5083 pattern belongs to aluminum magnesium alloy plate, its performance is better than 1060 and 3003 pattern plate, the most important characteristic is the ability of acid and alkali corrosion resistance, which makes the aluminum plate 5052 and 5083 become the first choice of Marine environment, mainly used for the corrosion resistance of ships, yachts, etc.In terms of price, the price of 5052 patterned aluminum plate is higher than that of 1060 and 3003, which belongs to the high-end products of patterned aluminum plate.

6061 pattern aluminum plate

The price of 6061 decorative pattern aluminum plate is the highest in all decorative pattern aluminum plate, similarly, its hardness, strength, rust resistance, corrosion resistance is also the most excellent.In special anti-slip application environment, such as suspension, high acid and alkali corrosion, for the safety of the relevant operators, the performance of the decorative aluminum plate is very high requirements, is the place where 6061 decorative aluminum plate flex.Also because the application environment is the most harsh, 6061 pattern aluminum plate thickness is higher than other pattern aluminum plate.

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